An Evening With Dr. Wu' and Friends: Live from Texas (feat. Buddy Whittington Band)

Dr. Wu' & Friends

Dr. Wu' LIVE in Concert from TEXAS featuring THE BUDDY WHITTINGTON BAND...along with Gary Grammar...TEXAS BLUES at its BEST! A FREE DVD of the concert comes with the purchase of the CD version !!! *This album has been submitted for consideration in the " BEST BLUES ALBUM " and " BEST LONG FORM VIDEO " categories in the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

Recorded "LIVE" just outside of Fort Worth, Texas in 2011. Jim Ashworth and Bryan Freeze a.k.a. Dr. Wu' backed by the Buddy Whittington Band. Texas Blues at its VERY BEST!

A FREE DVD of the Concert comes with the CD version !!!

“Are you with me Dr. Wu? Have you done all that you can do? Are you with me Doctor?”

Lines from the song Dr. Wu’ by Steely Dan…a band that really consisted of two songwriter/musicians, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. Much like ourselves, they spent most of their time buried in their studio writing songs and surrounding themselves with world class musicians. In fact, we took our name from their inspiration.

After years of constant urging from their fans, Steely Dan started touring. Understanding that our fans are of utmost importance to us, this recording was made to satisfy the constant requests to see Dr. Wu’ in a live performance.

This is for you…Enjoy! And THANKS for your continued support, Dr. Wu’

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